desert couture

Signature Yoga Pants $40

We are proud to announce that 100% of t-shirt proceeds go to our Cactupuncture Association.

Casual Chic $1200

This effortlessly stylish potato sack protects the skin from desert storms, while still giving you the desert avant-garde aesthetics as seen in FASHION WEEK UK 2020.

Desert Dusted Headgear $450

Our hats come witha a unique pattern and cloth that cover the face somewhat delicately to protect from harsh desert storms.

Baggy Boho $400

You could wear these to a party—as pajamas— for a more casual-disheveled and faded look.

Cactus Brushed Jeans $1200

This old and vintage classic beauty is elegantly sand-dyed and brushed with a cactus to give it that bewildred boho mode.

Deconstructed $1150

This sand-papered frayed material holds together nicely with only a few pins. Simply loose the pins if you want a more breezy feel.

Holyness $550

These extreme holes from the cactus are stylish. Quite frankly, you don’t need us to tell you. According to ROGUE, we are listed as the #1 top influencer in the fashion industry.

Cactus Comb $240

Handcrafted and organic made—to comb out the sand & dandruff and increase circulation. This also exfoliates the skull and increases your cognitive performance and natural personality, whether you are right or left brained.