artifice philosophy

this is not fake news

Quixotic Yogi founder, Marć Weisskōpf who graduated from Falsche Wissenschaft Uni—with a BS in Cactology—discovered a shocking miracle during his peyote trip while writing his hallucinogenic thesis.

He discovered that the psyche is connected to the physical chakras through the essence of the pin-points within the inner chakras that connect the human spirit to their spirit animal. His newfound passion for the peyote led him to fall into a desert storm surrounded by cacti. This is where Yogi Marc allowed his toxins to dissolve and dissintegrate—evaporate into thin dusty air as he found himself again, within himself.

eco-friendly extravagance

our private jets will take you there

We promote clean air and water by encouraging great environmental habits which is why our Cactupuncture pins are natural, biodegradable and organic. We fly to the most organic deserts to promote au naturale practices. Our fine humvees transport clean yet raw water to the desert so that our guests are ethically hydrated. According to alternative facts, we are the most eco-friendly retreat.